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  NextLevel Hoops is designed to give you everything you'll need to improve your shooting, offensive skills, and your total game. This full-program approach will help make you a better basketball player and a better athlete, while teaching you the importance of practice and dedication.


When you sign up for a Boys and Girls Group Camp, you'll receive personal attention and expert teaching. Director Jason Maile is a proven shooter and scorer and will pass on all he has learned to you, such as...
Shooting fundamentals to develop the lay-up, jump shot, foul shot and 3-point shot
Practice techniques to develop the correct muscle memory for your shot
Shooting off the pass, dribble and screen  
Getting open to shoot  
And much more!


While that will be the main focus of the camps, we'll touch on all areas of the game. Here's what you get...


Shooting - Learn from our instructors ways to improve your mechanics and increase your accuracy and range.
Skills & Drills - From shooting to ballhandling, you'll be taught specific drills to hone your skills during the season and during the off season.
"Final Buzzer" Report Card - After working with you, NextLevel will give you a valuable Report Card that tells you areas for improvement, strengths and specific drills to work on.
Off-Season Shooting Program - This program will allow you to practice shooting at game speed with many repetitions to help you develop picture-perfect form.  


All campers receive a FREE NextLevel Hoops T-shirt!
Camps include games such as 1-on-1, 3-point shooting, Hot Shot, Knock-Out, 5-on-5 and more!
No more than 10:1 player/coach ratio for all camps!  
Coaches will be high school or college coaches, plus college and professional players!
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